NXT: Bron Breakker defended his Championship

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NXT: Bron Breakker defended his Championship

NXT W-TAG TITLES MATCH: Kai & Gonzalez (c) vs Toxic Attraction; The clash does not have much to tell with the challengers who try them all without, however, succeeding in the shield imposed by Raquel Gonzalez. Even with the entry of Dakota Kai, the situation does not change so much that she too comes close to the pin.

The fight continues with Gonzalez continuing to do what she wants with her opponents. The WWE Universe got a TakeOver worthy matchup on this week’s episode on Tuesday night. Bron Breakker defended his NXT Championship against Gunther in the main event of Tuesday night’s show.

The champ damaged his shoulder but continued to march on. Gunther sent him into the ring steps and delivered a German Suplex followed by some big chops.

Bron Breakker defended his title

Bron Breakker answered with a suplex of his own before Gunther locked in a submission hold.

The two men exchanged some incredible moves to keep the action ticking. In the end, Bron Breakker lifted Gunther and hit his signature Gorilla Press Powerslam for the win. It was an incredible spot that cemented him as the top superstar of the brand.

To save goats and cabbages for challengers we need the intervention of Mandy Rose who manages to distract both Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez with the latter letting her guard down and allowing Gigi and Jacy to score the Toxic Shock.

Result: pinfall victory of the Toxic Attraction who then become the new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. Speaking of Bron Breakker, he set the tone for the night with a shocking win over LA Knight in the opening contest of the night.

During the opening promo, Breakker interrupted Knight. This offended LA Knight and he asked Bron whether he wants to challenge for a match or something. Everything about Bron Breakker looked promising from the get-go. His colorful singlet, his stature and his in-ring skills really proved why WWE or Vince McMahon were pushing him to the moon right at the beginning.

Breakker's theme song had a siren at the start, something very similar to what his uncle and former WWE Superstar, Scott Steiner, used in his theme song. Overall, Bron looked like the perfect amalgamation of size meets strength.

Ciampa, too, congratulated Breakker for an impressive performance upon debut and the two shook hands with a cold stare as the show came to an end. Following the show, Bron spoke to WWE Digital in an exclusive where he looked upon his debut.