NXT continues to produce many talents

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NXT continues to produce many talents

One of the biggest stables of NXT's last years was certainly that of the Imperium, formed by its leader, WALTER, now Gunther for the WWE and the other athletes who were or still are a part of it, such as Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel and Alexander Wolfe.

After several months spent alongside the other components of the stable, Alexander Wolfe was ousted from the stable, with the storyline that led him to receive the betrayal of his allies, with the WWE that after excluding him from its plans also fired the athlete, in one of the company's many release waves.

At the moment, it seems that Fabian Aichner has also left the stable, after what happened in the latest episode of the company's color show, which aired this week. We therefore only have to include the last two remaining in the stable, which should therefore be Gunther and Marcel Barthel, with the latter no longer even having the urgencies of the couple champion, having lost the titles in that of Stand & Deliver, in the day of the first night of Wrestlemania 38.

Apparently, however, the WWE would now have different plans for its European athletes, with some rumors that for some hours have been reporting the desire of the federation management to move the two athletes to the main roster.

Big surprises on NXT

Bron Breakker kicked off NXT and celebrated his NXT Championship win from last night on RAW. Gunther came out with Imperium and said that no one cared about Breakker's legacy. As reported by the journalists of the very famous Fightful Select podcast, it would seem that WWE is starting to organize the jump into the main roster, with the famous call from above, by Marcel Barthel and Gunther, with the two already taking part in the various house show with the main roster this weekend, as often happens before the final call.

Apparently, for Fabian Aichner there would be no such plans, with the Italian fighter who instead should remain alone at NXT, after apparently leaving the stable. The most talked-about destination for the two seems to be the Friday Night Smackdown blue show, with the pair not sure if they will continue to fight together as a tag team or if they will separate their paths, to instead stage a single-player route in the main. roster. We just have to wait for the next few weeks to understand how WWE will move from this point of view.