Raquel Gonzalez is close to entering the main roster

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Raquel Gonzalez is close to entering the main roster

This morning we let you know that WWE is planning to promote part of a stable that has made its way first to NXT UK and then to NXT on the main roster, thanks also to a respectable leader. However, some reports, brought forward by Fightful, have pointed out that there may be more calls on the main roster, thus bringing some NXT talents even more into the spotlight.

The two names that have been made, one for the male category and the other for the female category, are those of LA Knight and Raquel Gonzalez, with the two fighting last weekend at NXT Stand & Deliver, respectively against Gunther and against Toxic Attraction flanked by Dakota Kai.

At the event, Raquel, in particular, managed to conquer the couple belts for the second time always together with Dakota Kai, in the Kickoff, only to lose them in the last episode of NXT 2.0.

Backstage news on Raquel Gonzalez

Speculation about a potential debut for Raquel Gonzalez on WWE's main roster has circulated following a recent report on Wrestling Observer Live.

Where the two will land, whether on Raw or SmackDown, is not known yet, but it has been pointed out that while Gonzalez now seems certain, according to the perception that there is backstage at NXT, Knight's situation does not seem so certain.

An idea for LA Knight on the main roster is to see him working as a manager for his exceptional skills with the microphone more than in the ring, although he is not certain that this is the precise idea that WWE has for him.

So you have to wait and see if he really will actively fight in the ring or help some other fighter and make his way through the talented crowd. The name of Raquel Gonzalez instead has been on everyone's lips for some time, in fact, the WWE Universe expected to see her long before her on the main roster, almost certainly after she lost the champion belt in favor of Mandy Rose.

In addition, we remind you that she was one of the few NXT stars to do dark matches on SmackDown in 2021. Wrestling Observer's Bryan Alvarez theorizes that this is because Vince McMahon's promotion needs the numbers for its Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament.

"You know who showed up out of the blue? Raquel Gonzalez. She's on her way out, but they had to bring her back because they have a tournament coming up and they don't have any teams for it. So, they had to figure out who is going to be in this tournament." Alvarez said.