Samoa Joe reflects on Daniel Bryan's return

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Samoa Joe reflects on Daniel Bryan's return

Samoa Joe's WWE career has been significantly affected by injuries so far. The former NXT champion has just finished his storyline against AJ Styles, who defeated him last Saturday at Super Show-Down. In a recent interview with TV Insider, Joe spoke about many interesting topics.

On independent wrestlers: "I think just now you're seeing guys fully harness their potential on the independents and treat themselves as businesses. It wasn't really done in the past with really just a select few.

There were guys like myself, Bryan, AJ and a laundry list. Now you're seeing guys crunching the numbers. That is something a lot of guys didn't do back then. They didn't sit there and figure merch. They didn't think of it like a business.

They treated as a weekend warrior hobby. I'm very happy to see this. I hope it continues to thrive, and they continue to bring interest. The landscape of the fan base has broadened so much. I think there is a lot of opportunities out there."

On Daniel Bryan's return: "When he returned to the ring I approached it initially with trepidation because you are concerned, and Bryan is definitely an individual where his heart is bigger than his head at certain points.

He is has done his due diligence and worked tirelessly with the concern of his own health on the line. Seeing what he has went through and the protocols, it's good to see him back. It's no surprise he is in the mix doing what he does."