NXT: Bron Breakker cut a promo

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NXT: Bron Breakker cut a promo

SINGLES MATCH: Ikemen Jiro vs Von Wagner; The match literally has nothing to tell except a full control of Wagner who, thanks also to his manager, brings home a clear and clean victory. NXT Champion Bron Breakker took to the ring to cut a promo.

He called out Joe Gacy for playing mind games with him last week and keeping his father hostage. Bron confirmed that his father was safe at home now, but Gacy would have to pay for his actions. The young champion offered Gacy the chance to settle matters in the ring instead.

Joe Gacy appeared on Titantron to reveal that Bron's father left his WWE Hall of Fame ring behind when he let him go last week.

Bron Breakker is the NXT Champion

Bron Breakker mentioned that his dad was fine after last week before Gacy showed up on the Titantron and said that when he let Bron's dad go last week, Steiner happened to leave his Hall of Fame ring behind.

Result: Von Wagner pinfall victory; Post-match Von glimpses in the audience a beautiful girl who, with a simple gesture and without saying a word, orders him to throw Ikemen into the audience which obviously does by sending Robert Stone into a rage.

Speaking of Bron Breakker, he set the tone for the night with a shocking win over LA Knight in the opening contest of the night. During the opening promo, Breakker interrupted Knight. This offended LA Knight and he asked Bron whether he wants to challenge for a match or something.

Bron Breakker instantly said, “Respectfully, I’d like to prove myself tonight,” and the match was on! Right from the opening bell, Breakker looked strong against Knight. However, the former Million Dollar Man did put a tough fight until his overconfidence and Breakker’s moves caught him off guard.

Bron Breakker delivered an impressive Military Press Slam on the almost 250-lbs LA Knight to secure a massive upset victory on debut! With a tweet, McIntyre revealed that Steiner is something else altogether. He has already shown his in-ring skills.

Now, WWE needs to put a mic in his hand and let him showcase his other skills. The new version of the Gold and Black brand started off by giving Breakker a push. If all goes well, Breakker could potentially find himself at the top of the NXT roster rather soon. It’s not every day that a debuting pro-wrestler gets a push on the first day on a WWE brand’s new version!