NXT: Xyon Quinn defeated Draco Anthony

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NXT: Xyon Quinn defeated Draco Anthony

So here we are at the long-awaited moment as well as the last match of the evening. MAIN EVENT-NXT TAG TITLES GAUNTLET MATCH. To open the dance we think the Creed Brothers with the Legado of the Phantom. The two teams give us a splendid match with Dusty Classic winners who appear to be in their best version.

The Legado really tries them all to repel the attacks of their opponents but Brutus and Julius have no intention of giving up and manage to capitalize on taking home the victory. Xyon Quinn had control of the match early on and was tossing Draco Anthony around the ring before Draco got a takedown.

Quinn took back control right away and the match was turning out to be pretty one-sided so far. He hit a modified Death Valley Driver before getting a series of forearms for the win.

Xyon Quinn def. Draco Anthony

Result: Xyon Quinn def.

Draco Anthony. Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta were backstage on NXT with Dexter Lumis and Duke Hudson. The women wondered who among Dexter and Duke was the strongest before realizing that the duo would be unstoppable as a team.

They convinced the men to team up before we headed to the next match. The two don't have time to cheer as they are joined by Briggs and Jensen. Version 2.0 of Duke of Hazard tries to take advantage of being fresh and rested to try and bring home the contest.

The willpower of the Creed Brothers, however, is stronger than anything else and the two manage to achieve victory. WWE’s third brand, NXT, has risen extremely well in the last few years. The brainchild of Triple H in WWE made an abundance of future superstars for the Red and Blue brand.

Gargano, too, was considered to be one of the big names for joining the main roster. The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels is a mentor to all the WWE superstars on the NXT roster. He was really close with Johnny Gargano during his time in WWE.

Shawn was in tears when Gargano, before his last NXT match, gave him a gift. He told Michaels to open it before he walked through the curtains. Gargano talked about the gift, “I did like tribute gear to him at the In Your House: TakeOver. And I had a headband and no one in the world has a piece of the TakeOver gear I’ve worn”.