NXT: The NXT main event was amazing

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NXT: The NXT main event was amazing

Now it's up to Waller and Sanga to try to put a spoke in the wheel for Brutus and Julius who are literally exhausted. The winners of the Dusty Cup, however, do not intend to give up and even if with difficulty they manage to obtain yet another victory, thus arriving at the last match where they will face the Pretty Deadly who we remember are those who have put the headquarters of the company to fire and sword.

Diamond Mine. The clash between the 4 begins even before the sound of the bell with the Pretty Deadly attacking the Creed Brothers exploiting the fact that they are literally exhausted. The Creed Brothers and Legado del Fantasma kicked off the gauntlet match to crown the new WWE NXT Tag Team Champions in the main event.

Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde took the brothers out early with a dive.

Great show on NXT

Brutus and Julius were tired from their previous matches, and Elton Prince & Kit Wilson took advantage of the situation. The two NXT UK exports hit some big moves and ensured that The Creed Brothers could not control the match for long.

They dropped Julius on the apron before hitting Spilled Milk for the big win. It was great to see WWE try something different and give the newcomers a championship win in their debut match. Brutus and Julius try to answer but are forced to succumb to the attacks of Prince and Wilson who in the end, thanks also to some subterfuge, manage to bring home the dispute and the couple titles.

RESULT: Pinfall win for Pretty Deadly newcomers who proclaim themselves NXT Tag Team Champions and again prevent Creed Brothers from fulfilling their dream. The Creeds had control but Raul came back and got a big dropkick off the ropes before the Creeds took him off the apron.

Julius Creed got the Angle Slam, a spinebuster, and a clothesline before picking up the pin. Sanga and Grayson Waller were out next and the bigger guy was doing all the heavy lifting as the match continued. Waller tagged in and took the sling off his arm before attacking the Creeds.

After a break on NXT, The Creeds lifted Sanga and dropped him on the mat before eliminating him and Waller.