NXT: Rok-C debuted on NXT


NXT: Rok-C debuted on NXT

In recent months, WWE has worked hard to grow its third roster as much as possible, with NXT 2.0 having undergone significant changes, both in terms of fresh forces and in terms of all the innovations introduced by McMahons for the brand, namely the new sets of lights, colors, the logo, the arena and many other details.

In the last few months, WWE has been working on the actual wrestler roster as well, with numerous characters being released, including behind-the-scenes executives, such as William Regal, Samoa Joe and even Road Dogg, while many other characters have been released.

put under contract. In this case, however, we are only talking about the young talent who will appear in the company's rings sooner or later, as happened last night with the former Rok-C of the Ring of Honor.

Rok-C debuted on NXT

Former Ring of Honor star Roxanne Perez (formerly known as Rok-C) will make her WWE debut this week on NXT Level Up.

This week, the latest episode of the WWE color show aired, with a newcomer to the company's ring making her debut in the ring as well, despite her first match originally scheduled for next week. In a first graphic preview of the girl, Roxanne Perez was scheduled to debut next Tuesday, but in the end, thanks to a backstage segment with Toxic Attraction, the girl even ended up in the main event of the show.

While speaking in front of the WWE cameras backstage, Roxanne was in fact interrupted by the usual Toxic Attraction, with such a speech that led the company to strike up a match as the main event between Roxanne and Jacy Jayne.

From here we can already understand how much WWE is focusing strongly on the newly arrived athlete, given that in her first appearance she has already entered the main event. We remember how the girl was the first inaugural champion of the ROH Women's Championship when she still performed under the name of Rok-C.

After signing a contract with WWE, now we just have to understand how much the Stamford company will focus on her, to build her as a planetary Superstar. Many wrestling personalities and promotions shared their support and excitement for the young NXT recruit.

WWE The Bump's Matt Camp tweeted that Perez is a must-see upcoming talent on NXT. Roxanne Perez, amongst other NXT talents like Sloane Jacobs, Kiana James, Tatum Paxley, Damon Kemp, and Troy Donovan, will participate in the upcoming NXT Level Up edition.

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