NXT: Tiffany Stratton defeated Sarray


NXT: Tiffany Stratton defeated Sarray

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT 2.0 appointment. The evening opens with the new NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly bragging about their victory last week after beating the exhausted Diamond Mine in the last match of the Gauntlet series.

The two are joined by the GYVs who point out that their goals in NXT UK reached them only when the Grizzleds were no longer involved in the titled round as they moved to NXT. As if that weren't enough to animate the party, those of the Legado Del Fantasma also arrive and attack the GYV, unleashing a real fight.

Shortly after we also see Bron Breakker who calls Joe Gacy in a loud voice and who does not show up but invites him to look for him. Let's now move on to the first match of the evening. Tiffany Stratton started things off with a big kick before Sarray hit an arm drag.

Sarray hit a dropkick and Stratton hit a hip attack as the match rolled on. Stratton tried for the cobra clutch but took the double stomp off the top rope. She hit a running dropkick before getting the corkscrew Vader Bomb for the win.

Tiffany Stratton def. Sarray

SINGLES MATCH: Tiffany Stratton vs Sarray; We see a very confident Tiffany who, however, is put in serious difficulty by the technique shown by her opponent of her. Stratton, however, is not intimidated and she too comes close to the pin.

Sarray responds blow for blow by hitting a German suplex followed by a double stomp. Not happy, the Japanese hit her opponent first with a kick to the face and then with a low dropkick forcing her opponent to capitulate out of the ring.

Back on her ropes, poor Sarray is knocked down with a head butt followed by a splash from Tiffany who gets the definitive pin. Result: Tiffany Stratton pinfall victory. Every week more and more people are tuning in to AEW to see what new surprises and storylines are being made.

This has a direct impact on WWE’s ratings and fan following. Every wrestling fan knows and remembers the time of the Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW. No other wrestling promotion has even come close to WWE since WCW.

But everything changed when All Elite Wrestling signed ‘The Best in the World’. WWE went into panic mode after that. The final nail in the coffin was Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson’s surprise debut at AEW: All Out. Bryan wasn’t seen for a long time in WWE and Adam Cole was the biggest attraction in NXT.

Sarray Sting