NXT: Roderick Strong doesn't find his space

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NXT: Roderick Strong doesn't find his space

Now it is again the turn of an all-female match that sees the debut of a new athlete. SINGLES MATCH: Roxanne Perez vs Jacy Jayne; Jacy is decidedly confident of bringing the fight home and after a long moment studded with countless pinball attempts by both sides, she appears to be ready to put an end to the fight.

Suddenly, however, Wendy Choo's big face appears on the big screen, showing how she has devastated the dressing room of Toxic Attraction. Jacy makes the unforgivable mistake of letting her guard down by allowing Perez to land the final pin.

Result: Roxanne Perez pinned win. So here we are at the last match of the evening. Roderick Strong was backstage and told Malcolm Bivens that he would make an example out of anyone who didn't follow Diamond Mine's mission. WWE brought the first NXT on Tuesday Nights this week, and it was one exciting show from top to bottom.

Roderick Strong was backstage

While we saw a new Cruiserweight champion and a long-awaited debut, we also saw one of NXT’s top stars – Roderick Strong quit the brand. But why? What’s next? MAIN EVENT-TAG TITLES MATCH: Pretty Deadly (c) vs Lumis & Hudson; We witness a pleasant match with Lumis and Hudson who show good chemistry despite their past.

The alchemy is amplified when the champions try to pick up their mates. Pretty Deadly really try it all, including unlawful maneuvers. Hudson tries to take over from Lumis, an action that is however promptly interrupted several times by the champions.

Duke even attempts a pin but fails before being knocked down by a devastating running big boot. Result: Pretty Deadly pinfall victory confirming NXT Tag Team Champions. William Regal asked Roddy if he’s sure about this.

Roddy looked over to Marina Shafir and then nodded his head. Regal said although he and the Undisputed Era were trouble, he knows Roddy is a true professional. He added Roddy can come back to NXT whenever he wants. The duo shook hands, and that was that.

This is not a sudden move from Roderick Strong, who hinted at leaving NXT a couple of weeks ago. If you don’t remember, let us refresh your memory. Two weeks ago, Roderick Strong defeated Cameron Grimes on NXT. In a backstage interview following the match, he was asked what’s next for him, and that’s when he said he was done.

We saw a small highlight of what Roderick Strong and Daniel Bryan can bring to the table against each other at the Greatest Royal Rumble in 2018.