NXT: Xyon Quinn is increasingly dominant

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NXT: Xyon Quinn is increasingly dominant

Now we see Joe Gacy who, after literally driving Bron Breakker mad all evening, shows himself in the audience holding Bron's father's ring. The two finally come face to face with Gacy who simply asks to have a titled match in 2 weeks.

Bron accepts and in exchange gets his father's ring. Joe, however, is still not happy and after all that has been done and achieved, he decides to teach Bron one last lesson by pushing him off the scaffolding. As if that weren't enough, Bron is then kidnapped by a series of shady hooded figures.

Xyon Quinn had the early advantage but Wes Lee got a kick and sent Quinn outside for a big dive. Quinn sent Lee across the ring before lifting him up in the fireman's carry.

Xyon Quinn def. Wes Lee

Lee fought out and hit a superkick, taking Xyon Quinn down.

Lee went for a move off the ropes but was met with a fist to the face. Quinn went for the flying elbow and picked up the easy win. Before leaving, I would like to remind you of tonight's appointment at 7 pm on Open Wrestling TV with NeXT Big Thing where we will analyze in more detail the latest episode of our favorite brand.

With the hope of having been sufficiently exhaustive, I wish you a good day or evening, depending on when you are reading, but above all good wrestling to everyone. In this week’s episode of NXT 2.0, the WWE Universe witnessed a bizarre altercation that turned into a romantic spot in the middle of the ring, seeing this takes the fans back to the iconic Attitude Era where such altercations happened on a weekly basis.

Former rugby player, Daniel Vidot, who goes by the name Xyon Quinn in WWE grabbed Elektra Lopez in a brief ‘romantic eye-contact’ segment while the crowd was still figuring it out. To sum up, the Attitude Era was a crazy time to be a wrestling fan and WWE was doing everything in their hands to make the content there so that more audiences turn up.

But now, with her latest victory on this week’s Monday Night Raw, she is now the number one contender to Lynch’s title and is willing to take her on. Interestingly, before ‘The Man’ went away for her maternity leave, she talked to Morgan and said that she’d be a champion by the time she [Becky] comes back.

‘The Man’ Becky Lynch has been leading the women’s locker room ever since she transformed from the ‘Lass Kicker’ to the one who bows to no one. She is currently the reigning WWE Raw Women’s Champion and is teasing a subtle rivalry with Liv Morgan.