Tommaso Ciampa Talks About Triple H Surprising Him

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Tommaso Ciampa Talks About Triple H Surprising Him

Tommaso Ciampa recently spoke about Triple H publicly greeting him on stage at NXT Stand and Deliver. Ciampa lost his match against Tony D’Angelo. However, after the match, he received huge applause from the fans as he was leaving the ring to go backstage.

At that time, Triple H came out to greet him. He spoke about this on BT Sport.

Tommaso Ciampa Speaks About Triple H Greeting Him at Stand and Deliver

“Yeah, it was totally a surprise,” Tommaso Ciampa said. “And I guess I will say, and I didn’t know this until it happened, I guess I’m easy to surprise.

I won’t say I’m gullible. That’s different. But I’m easy to surprise, just in the sense I don’t – I’m very in the moment. I’m very now. “I don’t think much ahead. So when they told me – the director – the direction I was given was, ‘After the match ends Tony will leave.

We’re gonna give you about 30 seconds to stand and let the crowd applaud or whatever. But listen, there’s gonna be a Peacock commercial after. So you have about two minutes to just take your time. But when the ref says, ‘Go, go.’ So, OK.

Cool. I put no thought into that”. Triple H was actually leading NXT, and many people considered it to be the best WWE product for hardcore wrestling fans. However, he is not in charge of NXT anymore. Vince McMahon has taken the brand over and is hands-on with it now.

Triple H did work with most of the best wrestlers at NXT right now. So even though he is gone, he still cares about them. And that is the reason why he wants some of them to go really over. According to Tommaso Ciampa, “You know, you just never.

No, the first time is gonna be when you’re at WrestleMania or we’re inducting you into the Hall of Fame or whatever. So for him to be unselfish and kinda give me that one moment, it was cool. And we have such a storied relationship.

He’s been so instrumental in all of my success in NXT and WWE. So, yeah, just super cool. There’s no one that means more to me and my career than him. So, and he knows that. We’re very open with one another. So, it was extremely cool and a total surprise and it made the moment what it needed to be for me”.