NXT: There will be an all-female tournament on NXT

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NXT: There will be an all-female tournament on NXT

In recent years, WWE has revived many tournaments, including historic ones such as the King of the Ring to new tournaments with completely invented names, such as the NXT Breakout Tournament or the Queen's Crown Tournament, with which the Stamford-based company crowned its first queen of the ring: Zelina Vega.

With these tournaments, the WWE tries to give prestige to the winner of the various contests, with the one who also wins the final of the tournament, automatically receiving a push, small or large, which also helps the wrestler to get close to some usually, the primary or secondary title of the company.

After the victory of the Queen's Crown, in fact, Zelina had become a tag team champion together with Carmella, only to lose the titles in Wrestlemania against the current champions, Sasha Banks and Naomi. In tonight's episode of NXT, WWE wanted to confirm the arrival of a new tournament, completely dedicated to all its new female Superstars of the third brand, to try to give a little shine and a little visibility, too, to the latest arrivals on the federation rosters.

Big surprises on NXT

As seen during tonight's NXT episode, WWE will hold a tournament called "NXT Women's Breakout Tournament" starting from NXT's May 11th episode, which in the past years had been dedicated only to the men of the company, since 2019.

The last to win this tournament was former NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes last year. At the moment, WWE has only made official the name of Arianna Grace as a participant in the various disputes, but it is expected that in the coming days or hours, there will be several important additions to the tournament, which will decree the female Superstar of the moment for the third.

WWE brand. It seems that by now this tournament will take the place of the Mae Young Classic, or the tournament dedicated to all the emerging women of the WWE, but also athletes lent by the independents, who took part in a long tournament, which the WWE then broadcast on its WWE Network.

After a few years of absence of this tournament, this year it seems that WWE has opted for this and no longer for the one dedicated to its Hall of Famer. Ciampa has been one of the focal points of NXT since 2015. He's been involved in a number of high-profile feuds during his NXT run, and his work has been met with critical acclaim.

On previous occasions, Ciampa has expressed a reluctance to move up to the main roster due to the heavier workload involved.