NXT: Katana Chance and Kayden Carter won again

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NXT: Katana Chance and Kayden Carter won again

SINGLES MATCH: Tony D'Angelo vs Von Wagner; We are witnessing a very physical match with the two who give each other a good reason. Neither of them seems to have clearly the better of their respective opponent. Tony tries to put his nose forward before being knocked down by a devastating clothesline only to be kicked out of the ring where he is attacked from behind by Santos Escobar while the remaining team members distract the referee.

Tony struggles to get back into the ropes before being knocked down by Wagner's big boot. Katana Chance & Kayden Carter came out to face Valentina Feroz & Yulisa Leon in a tag team match this week. The heels took control early and isolated Carter for a while.

Chance got the h*t tag and hit some high-flying moves to put her opponents on the backfoot.

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter won

Kayden Carter locked in a submission hold on Feroz, but the latter refused to tap out. Katana Chance & Carter worked over her for some time before Leon hit a top rope move and took the fight back to the babyfaces.

Result: victory by Von Wagner. Now it's time for Nathan Frazer's debut. A debut that is however abruptly interrupted by the interruption of Grayson Waller who begins to insult the Chase Academy with microphone in hand. Nathan really wants to get noticed and so he takes advantage of Grayson's moment of distraction to hit him and send him out of the ring before being joined by Andre Chase who congratulates him on what he did.

End of the first part. The match started right away, and Lyons got some big moves in but was tossed out of the ring by Legend. Lyons tried to climb back in but was dropped from the apron as the match continued. Legend tossed Nikkita into the steel steps before getting a nearfall in the ring with a sidewalk slam.

Lyons got some big kicks before getting a huge German Suplex and sending Legend into the corner. The latter tried for a powerbomb, but Nikkita countered it into a hurricanrana before picking up the win with a 450-roundhouse kick.

WWE brought in several superstars and set NXT 2.0 to be the perfect stage for their debut. Nine new superstars appeared on the premiere episode. Although the NXT Universe is only familiar with a couple of faces. So here’s looking at every new superstar that we saw on NXT 2.0.