NXT: Solo Sikoa is earning his space

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NXT: Solo Sikoa is earning his space

Now it's time for the women's tag team category. TAG MATCH: Carter & Chance vs Feroz & Leon; We are witnessing a pleasant match with excellent teamwork by Ferzo and Leon who manage to keep up with their opponents. Carter and Chance, even if with difficulty, manage to regain the reins of the match with Carter who manages to avoid a springboard moonsault and then gives the change to Chance who engages in a 420° splash assisted by a Carter neckbreaker followed by the final pin.

Result: victory by pinfall of Carter and Chance. So let's move on to the next match that sees two teams as protagonists who lately are not very nice. Before going into the ring, however, we see Jensen backstage rescued by the medical staff after being attacked.

HANDICAP TAG MATCH: Briggs & Henley vs Legado Del Fantasma; Briggs tries to regain ground by hitting his opponents from behind forcing them to take refuge outside the ring. Solo Sikoa took on Trick Williams before his WWE NXT North American Championship shot at Spring Breakin’.

Cameron Grimes joined the commentary team as Williams used his speed to take down Sikoa.

Solo Sikoa took on Trick Williams

Solo Sikoa took down Trick with a shoulder but took a spinning neck breaker for a close call. Williams locked in a submission maneuver before Sikoa fought out and used his strength to take him out.

He no-sold a few moves to showcase just how tough he is. The clash actually begins with Hanley and Lopez with this one who immediately changes. Briggs, once inside, unleashes all his anger managing to put Wilde and Cruz in serious difficulty by working excellently with Hanley.

Briggs is literally on fire doesn't seem to be feeling fatigue managing to keep up with his opponents before capitulating due to the numerical superiority and being knocked down by the combined maneuver of the Legado Del Fantasma.

Result: victory by pinfall of the Legado Del Fantasma. Finally, Solo Sikoa used the Samoan Family special, the Samoan Drop, on LA Knight. On the other hand, he drop-kicked Grayson Waller. Sikoa ended the fight with a splash to Knight.

It is a good time to note that The Uso Splash is a huge thing between Jey and Jimmy Uso, who are Sikao’s older siblings. Defeating Waller and Knight in a triple threat match is a classic Roman Reigns move. The Tribal Chief defeated Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt at Payback 2020 to win the Universal Championship. Next, he defeated Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) and Edge at WrestleMania 37 with a double pin.