NXT: Nikkita Lyons showed great tenacity

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NXT: Nikkita Lyons showed great tenacity

Let's continue now with the tag team category. TAG MATCH: Viking Raiders vs Blade & Enofe; the match has practically nothing to say and sees the Viking Raiders dominate far and wide, giving us those sensations in perfect black and gold style.

Enofe and Blade really try them all but Erik and Ivar are literally on another level and take home the result after a double powerbomb. Result: victory by pinfall of the Viking Raiders. Post-match we see a very respectful attitude on the part of the Viking Raiders, who shake hands with their opponents before a face to face with the Creed Brothers whom, we remember, they will face next week.

So here we are at the last match of the evening in which the female champion is engaged. The match started right away, and Nikkita Lyons got some big moves in but was tossed out of the ring by Legend. Lyons tried to climb back in but was dropped from the apron as the match continued.

Legend tossed Nikkita into the steel steps before getting a nearfall in the ring with a sidewalk slam.

Nikkita Lyons def. Lash Legend

After the match, Natalya rushed to the ring and attacked Nikkita Lyons. Cora Jade came out to make the save as she and Lyons managed to beat up Legend and Nattie and sent them running.

Later, we learned that a tag match was made official for next week between the two duos. MAIN EVENT - SINGLES MATCH: Mandy Rose vs Roxanne Perez; Roxanne does not seem to fear in any way the champion managing to keep up with her apparently without too many problems.

However, Mandy catches the rabbit from the hat and with her jumping knee she knocks down poor Perez who is then forced to suffer the count of 3. Result: Mandy Rose's pinfall victory. Many NXT stars are vying for a spot on the main roster.

New talents at the performance center are getting ready to make their debut and are working towards the same. NXT 2.0 has recently introduced new superstars to the company and a new era is coming where NXT will have content similar to ‘the attitude era.’ It transferred some NXT superstars to RAW and SmackDown at the WWE Draft.

Aliyah, Ridge Holland, Austin Theory, Hit Row, and Xia Li are the newest members on the main roster. This fact is reportedly one of the reasons for NXT’s recent attitude shift. WWE firmly believes in developing young talents into the main lineup and preparing them for RAW and SmackDown. Aliyah, Ridge Holland, Austin Theory, Hit Row, and Xia Li are the newest members on the main roster.