NXT: Mandy Rose struggled so hard to win

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NXT: Mandy Rose struggled so hard to win

Post-match the Toxic Attraction risk being "washed" again by Wandy Choo but fortunately they manage to escape from the ring before being imprisoned in a fishing net and then end up being hit by the jets of Wandy Choo's water guns supported by Perez.

At the end of the episode, we are finally offered a commercial held by Joe Gacy that reminds us how he wants to transform NXT into his much-desired place of acceptance and that in order to do so he must first get rid of Bron Breakker.

To interrupt Joe comes Rick Stainer who is greeted in a threatening manner by Gacy. In the last match of the night, Mandy Rose defended her WWE NXT Women’s Championship against newcomer Roxanne Perez. She found herself on the back foot early on as Roxanne nearly shocked her with a roll-up.

Mandy Rose defended her title

Other members of Toxic Attraction cheered Mandy Rose on as she hit a knee strike followed by a bicycle kick for the win. Wendy Choo came out after the match and triggered a net to fall on Toxic Attraction.

Perez and Choo sprayed them with confetti before running up the ramp. It was a really good match that showed Perez’s wrestling skills. Rose also gained some momentum after defeating the newcomer. Choo has been involved with Toxic Attraction for some time.

It will be interesting to see what her role in this rivalry will be. Before the situation gets complicated, Bron Breakker shows up on the ramp after knocking out Gacy's henchmen ends up being knocked down by his future challenger who, not happy, positions himself in the center of the ring, raising the title to the sky over poor Bron dying to the carpet.

Before leaving you, I remind you of tonight's appointment at 7 pm on Open Wrestling TV with NeXT Big Thing where we will analyze in more detail the latest episode of our favorite brand. Mandy Rose, who made her NXT debut in 2016, was mainly part of the mid-card category of NXT.

She never made it big in the black and yellow brand as her stay in NXT only lasted for a year. Mandy was called up to form a trio that included Sonya Deville and Alexa Bliss i.e. Absolution. WWE fans were quick to react to the news as many suggested this was a much-needed move for Mandy’s career.

Whereas, some of them said that the switch to NXT was a demotion for Mandy because of her below-par performance in the major brands.