NXT: Cameron Grimes retains his Championship


NXT: Cameron Grimes retains his Championship

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT 2.0 event which today offers us the special Spring Breakin episode. The evening got off to a great start with the first titled match involving three men intent on capturing the equivalent of the Intercontinental Title in NXT 2.0 sauce.

N.A.TITLE'S TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Cameron Grimes (c) vs Hayes vs Sikoa It goes without saying that we are offered a very high intensity match with the champion who has to watch his back from two opponents who do not hesitate to strike at any time and in any way.

After a series of excellent shots we see Sikoa attempting to land his hip attack before being stopped by Hayes who in turn ends up being knocked down by a 360° crossbody from Grimes which is also followed by a pin attempt.

Cameron Grimes defended his North American Championship against Solo Sikoa and Carmelo Hayes on Tuesday night. Sikoa unloaded on his opponents after enduring a slap from Hayes.

Cameron Grimes defended his North American Championship

The Technical Savage powered back and hit a couple of hurricanranas but failed to execute the Cave In on Hayes.

Sikoa hit a big splash, but Cameron Grimes broke the pin. All three men tried for their finishers but had them countered. Cameron came out of nowhere to hit the Cave In on both men before picking up the win. It was an exciting contest that allowed the champion to retain his title.

The three engage in a combined maneuver that sees Hayes being catapulted off the stake with a superplex. Nobody is going to give up and after yet another exchange of blows we see Sikoa able to frame her opponents at the stake and then hit them with the hip attack and then knock down Grimes with an overhead belly to belly suplex and Hayes with a powerbomb on the defenseless body of the sample.

Knight attacked DiBiase on NXT after his coronation. This prompted Cameron Grimes to make the save, while also turning face in the process. LA Knight tried to get away from Cameron Grimes, but ‘NXT’s Richest Man’ wasn’t going to let it happen.

He challenged Knight to a match at NXT Great American Bash, which the latter accepted. However, he added a stipulation that if Grimes loses, he would become LA Knight’s butler! Cameron Grimes didn’t waste a moment as he quickly went after LA Knight.

Grimes hit a series of moves, including a beautiful high crossbody, gaining full control in the early going. But Knight made a comeback in the middle.

Nxt Cameron Grimes Sting