NXT: Nathan Frazer scored a surprising victory

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NXT: Nathan Frazer scored a surprising victory

Not happy Sikoa also scores with a sort of rock bottom followed by a pin which seems to be definitive were it not for Grimes' timely intervention. The dispute continues with Hayes attempting a flight from the third rope to which Solo responds with a superkick and then tries his hand at his Splash from the top of the stake on poor Grimes.

The referee then begins the count but is interrupted at 2.99 by the intervention of Hayes. Nathan Frazer made his WWE NXT debut against one of the biggest heels of the brand, Grayson Waller. Frazer went on the offense early and locked in a sleeper hold on Waller.

The heel avoided a dive from Frazer before hitting a few thunderous blows to weaken the newcomer. He tore up a beachball and kept the pressure on Seth Rollins’ former student.

Nathan Frazer def. Grayson Waller

Nathan Frazer fired back with a series of superkicks and looked set to pick up a surprise win.

Waller set him up for a dive, but Andre Chase came out to distract the heel. The newcomer took advantage and hit a big splash for the win. Frazer was great in the ring and performed his heart out in his first match. Waller was a great first opponent for the debutant as he sold all his moves flawlessly.

The games are still open to everyone's amazement and exaltation. Sikoa loads Hayes on his shoulders ready for the Samoan drop but is however anticipated by the champion who engages in the Caveman from the top of the stake, knocking down both his opponents and obtaining the final pin.

Result: Cameron Grimes' pinfall victory confirms NXT North American Champion. Backstage, Diamond Mine looked like they were getting a little tired of their leader Roderick Strong. Indi Hartwell and Duke Hudson were backstage and had some tension before they both walked out.

Nathan Frazer's entrance music was quite epic as he made his NXT debut against Grayson Waller. Waller was caught in a headlock early on and he tried to break the hold but Frazer went right back to it. Waller was sent outside and ran away before Frazer could hit the dive.

Waller got some clubbing blows as we went back to the ring and sent Frazer outside before taking him out with a clothesline. Waller tore up one of the decorative beachballs before we headed back to the match. There was a little scuffle between the referee and Knight over the title. Eventually, the title fell outside the ring, while Grimes looked to get the pinfall win with a roll-up.