NXT: Natalya is still in great shape


NXT: Natalya is still in great shape

Let's continue now with the next match that finally sees one of the new arrivals at NXT 2.0 debut. SINGLES MATCH: Nathan Frazer vs Grayson Waller; We are witnessing an interesting match with Waller intent on making his opponent understand that this is his home and that he does not intend to accept that "strangers" think they can get to dictate the law.

For his part, however, Frazer has no intention of submitting to the "laws" imposed by Waller. The two of them give a lot of reasons with Waller coming close to victory after a superkick and powerbomb combo. Natalya teamed up with Lash Legend to take on Cora Jade & Nikkita Lyons on Tuesday.

The heels isolated Jade early on, but the young superstar nearly stole the win with a quick rollup.

Natalya teamed up with Lash Legend

Natalya mistakenly kicked Legend in the face. She tried to apologize, but the distraction was enough for Lyons to take advantage and hit a split drop on Legend.

Jade finished Lash off with a Senton to secure the victory. NXT Spring Breakin' needed a fun contest like this one. Lyons was the star once again, and it was surprising that Natalya and Jade did not get enough big spots in the ring together.

The contest continues with both athletes positioned on top of the post with Frazer falling badly to ringside. Waller then thinks to try his hand at a flight from the top of the stake but ends up falling too after being frightened by the sound of a stadium trumpet caused by Andre Chase present at ringside.

In the fall Waller badly bangs his neck on the third rope. Frazer then takes the opportunity to score the Phoenix Splash which is followed by the final pin. Result: Nathan Frazer pinch win. The segment ended with Natalya declaring that she is done with Lana.

There is no further update on whether Lana and Natalya have actually broken their tag team or not. This incident was shocking as Lana and Natalya were training together and supporting each other through thick and thin. Unfortunately, Natalya has walked her own path as she said, “Enough is enough.

It’s time for a change”. Hopefully, the duo will address their issues next week on Raw and settle all misunderstandings for good. Raw’s main event saw women from both brands fight for a title opportunity against the Raw women’s champion, Asuka.

Natalya seemingly won as she last eliminated Lacey Evans. Unfortunately, Natalya lost the match (more on that later) and something else.

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