NXT: The Creed Brothers are not afraid of anyone

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NXT: The Creed Brothers are not afraid of anyone

We are now being offered the meeting between the Legado of the Phantom and the trio of AJ Galante, Troy Donovan and Channing Lauren. The discussion focuses on finding a truce after the recent events that led Escobar to suffer a bitter defeat due to the attack suffered by AJ Galante's henchmen.

After a moment of tension, the two factions seem to have finally found the square and therefore decide to toast. Once Galante and his parents leave the room though, the Legado of the Phantom seems to be confabulating something behind them.

We'll see what happens. Let's now move on to the next all-female couple match. TAG MATCH: Lyons & Jade vs Legend & Natalya; The four give us an interesting match with a Legend who seems to be in perfect harmony with Natalya.

The latter, once she enters, comes face to face with Jade with whom she has serious difficulties due to her agility and speed. Although Natalya struggles to keep the reins of the match until Jade manages to take over from Lyons.

With the entry of Nikkita, the situation changes drastically with the latter immediately knocking down both Natalya and Lagend. Natalya attempts a robbery pin that fails only to be knocked down with a neckbreaker followed by only a 2 count.

Lagend finally manages to get back in after getting the change from Natalya. The Legend finds herself performing a strange pin against Lyons who, however, manages to wriggle out of the way and ends up accidentally hitting the Legend with a kick in the face by Natalya.

The Viking Raiders made their way to WWE NXT Spring Breakin' to take on The Creed Brothers. It was one of the most highly anticipated matches of the show.

The Creed Brothers vs. The Viking Raiders

Ivar and Erik hit their finisher on Julius, but Brutus broke the pin just in time.

Roderick Strong came out to hit Erik in the face with a knee strike, and The Creed Brothers used the distraction to hit their finisher for the win. The Hart family member tries to figure out what happened but she is promptly thrown out of the ring.

Lyons then takes down Lush with a German suplex followed by her proverbial split and then relieves Cora Jade who takes a flight from the top of the pole to which the final pin is. Result: Nikkita Lyons and Cora Jade win by pin; We are now witnessing a commercial involving the NXT Women’s Champions harassed by the duo Wendy Choo and Roxanne Perez with the latter stealing clothes and accessories from the champions intent on enjoying a sunny day on the beach.

As if that weren't enough, we also add the theft of the car perpetrated by the oriental duo that forces the champions to have it on foot to go home, all obviously without shoes just so that we don't miss anything.