NXT: Bron Breakker is unbeatable right now

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NXT: Bron Breakker is unbeatable right now

NXT TITLE MATCH: Bron Breakker (c) vs Joe Gacy; The proposed match perfectly reflects the mental state of the two with the enraged champion and what has recently been done by the challenger who in turn enjoys playing cat and mouse.

When the match moves to the purely physical side, the winner is Breakker who, thanks to his overwhelming physical power, manages to knock down Gacy on several occasions. Joe is therefore forced to play dirty even managing to attempt the pin but does not go beyond the 2 count.

Gacy seems to be in control and tries to perform a suicide dive but is blocked in mid-air by Breakker who in response scores an avalanche bulldog in honor of his father. Gacy is not there and responds in kind by scoring a powerbomb which is followed, however, only by a count of 2.

Gacy tries to move the situation on a psychological level and then tries to score his final maneuver. Breakker however responds with a devastating spear followed by the definitive back.

Bron Breakker def. Joe Gacy

Bron Breakker came out wearing the same singlet worn by WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner on the very first RAW for his title defense against Joe Gacy.

The NXT Champion was looking to teach Gacy a lesson during the contest. Result: Bron Breakker's pinfall victory confirms NXT Champion. Post-match Bron does not even have time to cheer that he is attacked by the druids in the service of Joe Gacy who end up taking him away on an unconscious litter.

It, therefore, seems that the rivalry between Gacy and Breakker is not over. We will see what the developments will be. Before leaving you, I remind you of tonight's appointment which exceptionally will be at 9 pm on Open Wrestling TV (https://www.twitch.tv/openwrestlingtv) with NeXT Big Thing where we will analyze in more detail the last episode of our favorite brand.

The match wasn’t the best bout on the show, and at no point did it look like Gacy was going to pick up the win. Without Harland by his side, he does not seem very threatening. However, he did manage to overpower his opponent on a few occasions.

Back after a break at NXT Spring Breakin', Gacy dropped Breakker from the ropes before getting a near fall off a slam. Gacy got an inverted neckbreaker in before sending Breakker outside before trying for a dive but was met with a strike from the champion.