NXT: A new tournament has started on NXT

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NXT: A new tournament has started on NXT

Like every Tuesday, this week, too, a new episode of the weekly show NXT 2.0 was staged on the USA Network. The episode opened with an immediate recap of last week or rather, what happened once the episode ended or Joe Gacy and his allies who kidnapped and beat the NXT Champion, Bron Breakker.

In the recent episode, Gacy made his return to the ring for a promo in which he talked about his new faction and his intention to have it expand even with the presence of the defending champion, thus offering Breakker the opportunity to join forces, or to suffer like all those against Gacy and his concepts.

His response? Obviously next week. Another focal point of the episode concerns the women's department with the official announcement of the participants in the women's tournament, the NXT Women's Breakout Tournament.

Great show on NXT

What is the real reason WWE released MSK member Nash Carter? According to recent reports, the former NXT star may have been released due to a highly insensitive and controversial photo that resurfaced online.

Nikkita Lyons, Arianna Grace, Fallon Henley, Sloane Jacobs, Roxxanne Perez, Kiana James, Lash Legend and Tatum Paxley will participate. The first two contests were won by Nikkita who overcame Arianna Grace in a classic one on one and Fallon Henley, who defeated Sloane Jacobs.

Both have advanced into the tournament and will face off on the same schedule shortly. Dave Meltzer went on to confirm that Nash Carter was fired from WWE not because of the abuse allegations but because of a picture of him dressed up as Hitler instead.

"This is a really weird situation because he was fired for the Hitler picture," Dave Meltzer said. "So this is, you know, because of the other allegations, is not what he was fired for." The 28-year-old Carter, whose real name is Zachary Green, joined WWE in 2020. He and Dezmond Xavier (ring name, Wes Lee) came together as MSK in 2021.