NXT: Nikkita Lyons showed excellent form

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NXT: Nikkita Lyons showed excellent form

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT 2.0 appointment. The evening starts in fourth with the match valid for the female tag team titles. NXT W-TAG TITLES MATCH: Toxic Attraction (c) vs Choo & Perez; With a very clever maneuver, Choo manages to attack the champions from behind before the sound of the bell.

Once the match has officially started, however, the situation seems to change with the Toxic who manage to lead the match. The climax changes with the entrance of Choo who literally does what she wants with Jacy Jane, forcing her to take refuge outside the ring where she, along with Gigi Dolin, is shot down with a suicide dive by Roxanne.

Back on the ropes, Roxanne manages to hold the reins of the match in her hands, also coming close to the pin. The work with Choo is excellent and the two seem to be on their way to winning the titles. She's been tipped for a big future in WWE, but first and foremost, Nikkita Lyons has to show the NXT Universe exactly what she's capable of.

The Women's Breakout Tournament is the perfect way to do just that.

Nikkita Lyons advances

Having yet to taste defeat on the Tuesday night show, it is crucial that Nikkita Lyons continues to gain momentum and organically grow on the roster.

Lyons overcame newcomer Arianna Grace, the daughter of Santino Marella, with a split-legged splash to advance to the next round in impressive fashion. The NXT Champion Mandy Rose thinks about upsetting everything and prevents Perez from performing an aerial maneuver and is then attacked by Choo.

The referee is distracted by what happens between the champion and Wendy and therefore leaves the field free for Jane to illegally strike poor Perez who is then forced to suffer the final pin. Result: pinfall victory of the Toxic Attraction who are therefore confirmed as NXT Women’s tag team champions.

As per Sean Ross Sapp, the following names of the WWE superstars who were released from the current NXT program are Dexter Lumis, Malcolm Bivens, Dakota Kai, Harland, Persia Pirotta, Raelyn Divine, Draco Anthony, Vish Kanya, Mila Malani, and Blair Baldwin.

It came as a shock to many people in WWE Universe after watching certain names like Dexter Lumis, Dakota Kai, and Harland get released. WWE depicted Harland as the next potential big superstar way before his debut on the third WWE brand.