NXT: Solo Sikoa goes higher and higher

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NXT: Solo Sikoa goes higher and higher

Post-match, we witness a real slaughter of poor Choo by the Toxic. We are now being offered a promo where the Creed Brothers are furious at Roderick Strong for illegally helping them in last week's victory over the Viking Raiders.

To redeem themselves, the Creed Brothers have decided to challenge the Viking Raiders again next week with the desire to achieve victory in a clear and clean way. Strong seems not to be very interested in the "good intentions" of his stablemates so much so that he decides to end the discussion by introducing the new member of the Diamond Mine, Damon Kemp.

Now the rivalry between NXT Champion Bron Breakker and Joe Gacy continues with the latter deciding to try his hand at a promo with which he invites the champion to join his cause or the consequences will be really bad. Now it is the turn of the first match of the Women’s Breakout Tournament.

WBT SINGLES MATCH: Fallon Halley vs Sloane Jacobs; We witness a pleasant match that sees Fallon dominate without too many problems. Another superstar with a sizeable future ahead of him is Solo Sikoa. He already has a presence unlike anyone else on NXT.

Rikishi’s son made a splash this week by keeping his eyes firmly on the North American Championship.

Solo Sikoa has enormous potential

In the parking lot, we saw Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams show up at the arena but Solo Sikoa locked the doors before they could get into the building.

Hayes said that they had to find some other way to get in there as NXT continued. When Sloane seems to be able to turn her situation around in her favor, Briggs and Jensen arrive at Fallon's aid. Halley, therefore, seems to find new lifeblood to the point of being able to take the reins of the match in hand, also coming close to victory.

However, Jacob does not give up and goes close to the pin after a swinning neckbreaker. It seems all over for Halley but she manages to find the last burst of energy enough to score the shjining wizard which she follows the count of 3.

Result: Fallon Halley's pinch victory, who then moves on to the next round of the tournament. The gang rivalry continues with Cruz del Toro who is attacked by Tony D'Angelo's henchmen and ends up being locked in the trunk.

Throughout a significant portion of the match, Waller and Knight kept arguing. Solo Sikoa took advantage of this and showed his domination.