NXT: Joe Gacy is growing enormously

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NXT: Joe Gacy is growing enormously

Now is the time for another female match featuring an athlete who has decided to give a new face to her character. SINGLES MATCH: Alba Fyre vs Amari Miller; The match is very pleasant with Miller who does not let herself be intimidated by her opponent so much that she even comes close to winning several times.

However, when the late Kay Lee Ray decides to press on the accelerator, the situation changes and after a tornado DDT comes close to victory, obtaining a count of 2. Miller, however, does not intend to give up and after avoiding the Fyre Bomb, puts scored a running kick which, however, is only followed by yet another count of 2.

Alba, however, does not give up and finally manages to land the Fyre Bomb followed by the senton bomb. The referee can only count to 3. Result: Alba Fyre pinfall victory. Joe Gacy will not let up as he continues to try to get into the head of NXT Champion Bron Breakker.

This week, he extended an offer for the champion to appear next week to walk through the door of inclusion and commit to change.

Joe Gacy is growing

NXT kicked off with a recap of the Bron Breakker-Joe Gacy feud before we headed for the first match of the night.

Tonight's episode was mainly focused on the women's division on NXT 2.0 and first up, the Toxic Attraction were taking on Wendy Choo & Roxanne Perez. We are now attending a Solo Sikoa promo who is keen to point out that he does not care who the champion is and who will win between Grimes and Hayes because in one case or another he will be next.

The North American Champion then appears in the ring giving his word to Sikoa telling him that he will be his next challenger. Sikoa accepts and leaves the ring refusing the handshake of the champion who is later attacked by Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams.

After an initial moment of uncertainty, Sikoa rushes into the ring to Grimes's rescue, forcing the attackers to flee.

Bron Breakker