NXT: Natalya got a crucial win

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NXT: Natalya got a crucial win

MAIN EVENT-SINGLES MATCH: Natalya vs Cora Jade; We are offered a really exciting match with Jade who has no intention of escaping the challenge against her now former idol. Natalya seems surprised by the aggressiveness of her opponent who even comes close to winning after a DDT tornado.

Not content with the Jade, to disfigurement, she tries her hand at the Sharpshooter from which Natalya manages to get rid of her even if with extreme difficulty. Jade does not give up and continues to repel Natalya's attacks who manages to exploit a single mistake by Jade managing to imprison her in a truly devastating Sharpshoote that leads the Jade to literally lose consciousness forcing the referee to end the match in amazement.

of the public but above all of Natalya who cannot understand what is happening.

Natalya def. Cora Jade

It was a match that had everyone intrigued: Natalya vs. Cora Jade. It was a student vs. teacher-type bout and fans did not know exactly which way it would swing.

To conclude their min-feud, the SmackDown Superstar picked up the win via referee stoppage after Cora passed out to the Sharpshooter. RESULT: Victory by submitting Natalya. Post-match, Natalya decides to give a wonderful hug to poor Cora who will perhaps be able to nourish a little confidence again in what was her idol since her childhood.

Jade managed to counter the Sharpshooter before Natalya used the ring post to damage her legs. Jade got a near fall off another knee strike before locking in the Sharpshooter but her own injured knee made her break the hold.

The Raw Tag Team Champion was facing off against Eva Marie and Doudrop in a non-title match, but late in the match, during a transitioning move on Doudrop, Nattie seemed to have sustained some kind of leg injury. Once the match was over, the WWE Universe saw Natalya visibly limping, and she had to be helped to the back by both Tamina and a part of WWE’s medical team.

The nature of the injury is still not confirmed. However, it appears to be some sort of leg injury to the former women’s champion.