NXT could go on tour soon

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NXT could go on tour soon

According to the well-known Dave Meltez, who spoke on the subject in his latest Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE is planning to bring NXT 2.0 wrestlers on tour as well as those on the main roster. There was a big surprise on this week's episode of WWE NXT, as Mandy Rose made a shocking appearance to observe a match between Sarray and Gigi Dolin.

However, there seems to be more to Rose's appearance than fans initially thought.

New plans for NXT

Meltzer said, "We've been talking about this for months and months and months and, of course, it's necessary.

In fact, there have been talks and it's not 'official official', but they'll probably start the tour relatively soon. Sure, I heard it year-round. There was a time when it was like saying, 'It's going to happen,' and then they didn't pull the trigger.

But, we return to talking about the internship with a serious speech. There is, as I said, nothing official, but the belief is that they will be on tour. I can't imagine they can do a national tour with this crew. I think they're just Florida shows, but that's what I was talking about earlier.

It's like, just do a couple of shows in Florida, give these people some time in the ring, let them learn how to wrestle in a non-TV format, and stuff like that. It is as if, in those Florida arenas, they attracted only two or three hundred [fans].

It is the size of the buildings they used before. I'm sure if you do that, you can attract two hundred or three hundred people. […] Whatever it is, what difference does it make? Financially, it's not a big investment or anything like that.

It's just something they need to do and it looks like they will soon. But they will certainly say it often ... Sometimes things move very slowly." We remind you that currently, the athletes who are part of NXT and NXT UK, have their own weekly shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but often also exchange brands, or take advantage of the Level Up show on Friday that has taken the place of 205 Live which has been dismantled by the company, so in any case, everything is always in front of the cameras, they have very few occasions, very rare, to perform for example in house shows with only the public present without advertising or similar.

PWInsider then reported that Mandy Rose had been permanently moved to NXT, making her the latest main roster Superstar to move from RAW or SmackDown and rejoin the black-and-gold brand. Finn Balor and Breezango had previously made the same move.