NXT: Indi Hartwell became threatening

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NXT: Indi Hartwell became threatening

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT 2.0 appointment. The evening gets off to a flying start with a duo match involving all those who orbit inside the North American Championship. TAG MATCH: Grimes & Sikoa vs Hayes & Williams; The villains of the story try their hand at a promo before the match begins and just say that basically, Sikoa has to go back to the back of the line because the North American Championship is something that is not his business.

Williams is also keen to point out that after the match between Hayes and Grimes, the title will return exactly to where it belongs and therefore around the life of his friend. Despite the promo, Sikoa and Grimes do not let themselves be intimidated and at the sound of the bell they set off on a train putting their opponents in serious difficulty.

Sikoa seems loaded with buckshot so much that he manages to deal with both Hayes and Williams with this one who is also hit by the running hip attack. Sikoa attempts to climb the stake but is interrupted by Hayes. The referee is distracted by an incorrect but very clever action by Williams, giving the green light to Hayes who hits Sikoa with a kick in the face, giving Williams the opportunity to score with a neckbreaker.

Last week, NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose made a comment towards Indi Hartwell that referenced Dexter Lumis' absence from programming. In reality, Dexter was released from his WWE deal, but Rose indicated that men never leave her.

Mandy Rose made a comment toward Indi Hartwell

This week, the moment was immediately followed up with Indi Hartwell calling out Mandy Rose. They will square off next Tuesday night. It was the right call to showcase some instant continuity with this particular feud.

Williams and Hayes seem to work excellently in pairs but in single they seem at the mercy of the attacks of the opponents. Now it is the turn of Grymes who with a double hurricane throws his opponents out of the ring and then hits Williams with a kick and Hayes with a diving crossbody.

Everything is now ready for the caveman but Sikoa takes over. Williams and Hayes try to take advantage of it but Grimes and Sikoa are loaded with buckshot. Sikoa then knocks Hayes down with a sort of rock bottom and then immediately climbs on the stake, Grymes in the meantime scoring with the Caveman on Williams. Sikoa then launches into the splash which is followed by the count of 3.