NXT: Santos Escobar is not afraid of anyone

The two stable "bosses" clashed in the main event last night

by Simone Brugnoli
NXT: Santos Escobar is not afraid of anyone

We are now witnessing a small promo involving the NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly and the current leader of the Diamond Mine who is none other than Roderick Strong. The champions obviously just mock him and in response, Strong challenges them to a tag team match next week.

Now it's time for another Breakout Tournament match. BT TOURNAMENT: Lash Legend vs Tatum Paxley; We witness a pleasant match with Paxley who literally tries all of her to bring the dispute home. The Legend on the other hand does not seem intimidated by her opponent and starts playing dirty to be sure not to have any nasty surprises.

After using the stake to make Tatum's leg bang, she decides to try her hand at a single leg crab using the lowest rope. Not content, the Legend also engages in a maneuver of submission to the particular as a Boston crab mixed with a torture rack from which, however, albeit with difficulty, Tatum manages to wriggle out even managing to hit a suplex followed by an aerial maneuver and an attempted pin.

For the third time, Paxley tries to put the opponent on her shoulders but fails to do so. This time, however, the Legend decides that it is when she is too much and in response, she goes to sign her with the now tested big boot of her.

It was fitting for it to be the bout that closed the show. Santos Escobar picked up the victory after some expected interference. This included him using a pair of brass knuckles to knock out Tony D'Angelo.

Santos Escobar vs.

Tony D'Angelo

Tony D'Angelo was backstage on NXT with his goons and said that he will take care of Santos Escobar without any help. Result: Lash Legend wins by pinfall, who then moves on to the next round of the Breakout Tournament.

Now it's time for another promo this time around NXT Champion Bron Breakker and his nemesis Joe Gacy. The champion openly invites Joe to face him in the ring. Gacy, for his part, turns us around and although he has accepted, he wants to do it on his terms.

In fact, with his mind games, Joe tries to send the champion into a rage by telling him that, however much he has suffered so far, he should kick him all over the arena, venting all his anger. Breakker seems to appreciate the suggestion but the situation changes drastically when Gacy points out a small detail.

In fact, he goes on to say that the loss of control could correspond to the loss of the title currently on his shoulder. Apparently, in fact, the stipulation of the match that will see the two engaged in In Your House provides that if Breakker were to be disqualified, he will still lose the title. Bron without thinking too much accepts.

Nxt Santos Escobar