NXT: Lash Legend gets a nice win


NXT: Lash Legend gets a nice win

Let's move on to the next match concerning the tag team category. TAG MATCH: Viking Raiders vs Creed Brothers; We are witnessing an excellent match with the Creed Brothers who once again do not let themselves be intimidated by their most famous opponents.

Now let's see Brutus even try his hand at Brutus Bomb by shooting down the Viking Raiders at ringside. Back on the ropes, however, Erik and Ivar regain control of the match with the latter taking care of Julius with splashes and elbows.

Not happy, Ivar also scores with the bronco buster. With difficulty, the Creed Brothers manage to regain the reins of the dispute by hitting the mark with a combined maneuver against Erik which, however, is only followed by a count of 2.

The members of the Diamond Mine want to take advantage of the moment but the experience of the Viking Raiders turns out to be a not indifferent weapon so much so that the former couple champions of NXT are once again able to overturn the situation with Ivar who knocks down poor Julius with a front slam from the top of the post.

While we've regularly seen Lash Legend host her "Lashing Out with Lash Legend" talk show, there's not been a situation where she's been in a high-stakes one-on-one bout. Tatum Paxley started off strong and hit a Rana off a counter before getting some dropkicks for a near fall.

Lash Legend def. Tatum Paxley

Paxley tried to lift Lash Legend but failed before Legend sent her into the ring post. The clash continues with both couples now exhausted. Strong then tries to rescue the Creed Brothers but Julius picks him up and throws him out of the ring, reiterating that they don't need him to win.

Ivar then takes the opportunity to score with a kick in the face followed by a double chokeslam paired with Erik who then performs the final pin. Result: victory by pinfall of the Viking Raiders. Paxley failed to lift Legend once more before hitting a suplex and a senton.

She failed to lift Legend a third time before the latter got the pump kick and picked up the win. WWE brought in several superstars and set NXT 2.0 to be the perfect stage for their debut. Nine new superstars appeared on the premiere episode.

Although the NXT Universe is only familiar with a couple of faces. So here’s looking at every new superstar that we saw on NXT 2.0.

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