NXT: Roxanne Perez continues her rise

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NXT: Roxanne Perez continues her rise

SINGLES MATCH: Grayson Waller vs Andre Chase; We are offered a pleasant match with Chase who manages to keep up with his opponent even managing to worry him. Waller's technique is superior, however, and he manages to fend off Chase's attacks not before risking a pin.

Chase, however, seems to be loaded with buckshot and after an atomic drop followed by a Russian leg sweep, he begins to stomp poor Grayson, spelling out the name of his "university" letter by letter. Waller, however, is not intimidated and responds by hitting his opponent in the face before being thrown out of the ring ending badly on poor Bodhi Hayward.

Chase prepares to provide first aid to his favorite student before returning to the ring where he is shot down by Waller's rolling stunner. Result: Grayson Waller's pinfall victory. Let's continue now with another match valid for the Breakout Tournament.

BT SINGLES MATCH: Roxanne Perez vs Kiana James; We are offered a good match that sees Perez as a great protagonist. Roxanne Perez has had quite the rise ever since signing for WWE in March 2022. The former ROH Women's Champion has been thrust into the spotlight on NXT to showcase her abilities.

Roxanne Perez def. Kiana James

Kiana James tried for an armbar early on before transitioning to a Boston Crab after landing some kicks. Roxanne Perez got a few quick pin attempts before James hit a backbreaker for a near fall of her own.

James tries to bring the dispute to her side by attempting a submission maneuver from which Perez struggles to then attempt the pin. Perez does not give up and after attempting the pin, she hits the mark with a backbreaker which is followed by yet another pin attempt.

The situation changes drastically when Roxanne decides to step on the accelerator and she is very close to victory. James, however, does not give up and after a side slam, she tries the pin that does not go beyond the 2 count.

Not happy, James tries an avalanche attack against Perez who dodges the blow and scores with a sunset flip to which she follows the count of 3. Result: Roxanne Perez pinned victory. Recently, Booker T appeared on MMA Fighting SBN, where he shared about two of his women wrestlers getting signed by AEW and WWE.

WWE signed Rok-C,19-years old and the youngest to Booker’s promotion. Booker T said, “One of my girls just debuted on AEW Dynamite with Jade Cargill. Her name’s AQA and they just, you know, signed her to a contract. It’s really, really cool. One of my girls, Rok-C, WWE just signed her."