Pete Dunne talks about his transformation into Butch in WWE

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Pete Dunne talks about his transformation into Butch in WWE

In the March 11 episode of WWE Smackdown, Pete Dunne became Butch, moving up from NXT and joining Sheamus & Ridge Holland in a new stable, bringing a more angry and different character than he had in development territory.

Speaking with Metro's Alistair McGeorge, Butch discussed this change that shocked many fans who had already followed him from his journey to the UK and then to NXT. "I knew it was coming," he admitted. “I didn't know the name Butch specifically, but I thought there would be a name change, I knew it would be the case.

I knew there would be several changes, so I came in with a very open mind. I was aware of this, and this is quite stressful at the moment because you know the reaction that comes from people. But, you just have to tune into that and focus on what you can, and that's the quality of the work you do.

Seeing it take hold in different places is almost more rewarding because I know who I am with Pete Dunne and the Bruiserweight, that's established. But starting to establish something new is a very rewarding process."

Vince McMahon loves Butch

Obviously, for many fans, it is difficult to accept the change of their idols, but sometimes it is necessary for their career and you just need to have a little patience. Thus in the same interview, the wrestler shared Vince McMahon's point of view on all of this: "He seems really into this, as you can imagine," Butch said.

"He seems really into Butch's idea. It is funny. Not that I want my work at NXT to go away, it will never go away, it will always be there, and I hope people will always enjoy it. But if you could do it and you could start all over again, and this is me coming fresh in the company, I think there would be a lot of people who would look at it through a different lens."