*Spoiler* WWE NXT In Your House: Results

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*Spoiler* WWE NXT In Your House: Results

During NXT's latest PPV named: NXT In Your House, aired on the WWE Network around the world and on various pay platforms in the US and the rest of the globe, with the event that he staged all the matches that ended some important feuds on the third roster of the McMahon-owned federation.

After weeks of attacks, angles, promos and matches, many of the protagonists of NXT 2.0 have managed to have what they have long dreamed of, namely their own titled match or the closure of a feud that had been going on for weeks or months, with some of the protagonists of the WWE rings, who managed to exit the event even with a new (or old) belt at the waist, torn from the previous champions, who had a bad night after their defeats.

WWE NXT In Your House gave emotions

NXT In Your House kicked off with a six-man tag team match between the two organizations - The Don's Family and the Legado del Fantasma. The first to win their title match were the Creed Brothers, who had been threatened by the remaining members of the Diamond Mine, that if they hadn't won the titles by snatching them from the Pretty Deadly, they would have been ousted from the NXT team.

In the end, after a very heartfelt and hard-fought match, the two athletic big boys of the Diamond Mine managed to snatch the titles from the two boys with long hair and tight rompers, confirming their dominance in the NXT tag team sector.

This is the first titled reign of the two young NXT athletes. While, on the other hand, to return to reign over the North American Champion category of the color show, it was Carmelo Hayes, who beat the competition of the previous champion Cameron Grimes, with whom he had already been feuding for several weeks.

With the help of the usual Trick Williams, Carmelo Hayes managed to beat the champion, putting on a fabulous match, between two of the most formidable lightweights of the entire NXT roster, with the luck that this time he wanted to squeeze the eye to the black talent of the roster, who became WWE North American Champion for the second time.

Escobar cleared the ring and the apron before the Legado took out The Don's crew with dives to the outside. Tony and Santos were on the top rope and the goombas dropped Escobar before Two Dimes wiped out Del Toro in the ring with a clothesline.