NXT: Apollo Crews is finally back

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NXT: Apollo Crews is finally back

After winning the United States and Intercontinental titles, Apollo Crews temporarily leave the WWE main roster to return to NXT. Last night, during a new episode of NXT 2.0, the athlete made his return to the company's third brand to have a face-to-face with current NXT Champion, Bron Breakker.

During his words, Apollo declared that he left NXT for the first time too soon and that he is now returning to change and write his history, for this reason, he warns the champion of the real possibility of being able to cross paths in the near future.

The segment then ends with a handshake between the two as a sign of respect. Below you will be able to watch a video with part of Apollo's intervention. Known in the independent world as Uhaa Nation, the athlete was able to win several titles and create excellent matches during his pre-WWE journey.

In 2015 the Stamford-based federation hired him with great enthusiasm and the first rumors immediately gave him as a possible additional weapon of success for the company (given his past up to that moment). He debuted during the first edition of NXT Brooklyn, but he never really made his mark on NXT.

The same steps were taken also in the main roster where only in the last two years he has succeeded in something much more important, such as the conquest of the US title and the Intercontinental one.

Apollo Crews is back

Apollo Crews is among the most talented individuals on WWE's main roster.

The 34-year-old is a wrestling machine and also possesses decent promo skills. Never used in the correct way, perhaps never fully understood, but certainly rehabilitated to be able to do something new and better within the federation to which he has been linked for about seven years now.

The return of Apollo to NXT gives continuity to the discourse undertaken several times in the past and therefore the use of names from the main roster to try in some way to make a contribution to the new generations present within the programming.

To follow and understand all the passages from NXT 2.0, we invite you this afternoon at 19:00 on the Twitch Open Wrestling TV channel to listen to the program edited by Leonardo Lucarini, Next Big Thing, where every week anecdotes and curiosities are revealed thanks to them.

to our staffer. The NXT star explained the cadence change by saying that it defined who he was in real life. He claimed that his way of talking was part of his heritage, and if he didn't accept it, he wouldn't be able to embrace his roots.