NXT: Who won the NXT tournament?

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NXT: Who won the NXT tournament?

After a memorable debut and a long tournament that saw Tiffany Stratton in the final, Roxxanne Perez officially triumphs and wins the first-ever Women's Breakout Tournament by NXT 2.0. The company's women's tournament has been in the spotlight for several weeks within its third brand and now comes to a close with the victory of the most popular wrestler (by fans and experts) in the final triumph.

Roxxanne, known for taking her first steps in the wrestling world thanks to Booker T's federation, Reality of Wrestling (ROW), was the first female Ring of Honor champion under the ring name of Rok-C when the company was still owned by the Sinclair group.

After losing the title at the hands of Deonna Purrazzo, she began a series of tryouts with WWE that led to her official signing with the company and her subsequent debut at NXT 2.0. Her beginnings in the roster saw her immediately "face to face" with Toxic Attraction and obviously now this victory will lead her towards a very interesting path, ready to face the main champion, Mandy Rose and try once and for all to snatch her female title from life.

Great emotions on NXT

Tiffany Stratton debuted in NXT in December 2021 and was considered by WWE to be one of its biggest stars for the future. In fact, Stratton's career in the WWE had been earmarked for either of the company's first two brands with NXT being just a starting step for her.

As such, this result ought to add to the expectations that are riding on her. The WWE's known to be a federation that's merciless when the need arises but it also has extensive maps laid out for wrestlers it feels can do the federation proud.

And the 23-year-old's an athlete even beyond the wrestling rings, she's a trained gymnast and bodybuilder. She's also an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter, all of which added to her appeal to the company.