NXT: Santos Escobar suffers a severe defeat


NXT: Santos Escobar suffers a severe defeat

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT 2.0 appointment. The evening opens with the triumphal entry of the new North American Champion Carmelo Hayes accompanied by his trusty Trick Williams. The two are soon joined by Solo Sikoa who without too many words turns to the champion asking him if by chance he fears him and if not, to face him one on one in a titled match.

The three are then joined by Grayson Waller intent on reiterating how no one likes Sikoa, in fact he is called Solo. The Samoan replies that in reality with him there is the whole audience who promptly makes themselves heard.

Between the 4 then a fight starts with Sikoa who soon finds himself outnumbered with Hayes, Williams and Waller teaming up attacking him. Let's now move on to the first match of the evening. Santos Escobar may have joined Tony D'Angelo's group, but that doesn't mean he did it willingly.

NXT 2.0 did a great job of having them work together while also clashing on the former's approach to matches, leading to him eating defeat against Nathan Frazer.

Nathan Frazer def. Santos Escobar

Santos Escobar had the early advantage and locked in a hold, but Tony got up and said, "this is boring, do something else." Escobar was distracted, and Frazer caught him with a big move as he rolled outside.

Santos was hesitant to get back in the ring but went back in and tossed Frazer outside before hitting a dive through the ropes. Tony immediately walked up to Santos and said: "get that [move] out of your repertoire, no one likes that." SINGLES MATCH: Von Wagner vs Josh Briggs; The two start giving them to each other even before the bell rings, which is a sign of how much this rivalry is felt.

The match officially started Wagner dominates for most of the time with Briggs who can not help but suffer the heavy blows of the opponent who also manages to score an Olympic slam. Josh tries to react but is really struggling so much that he has to enlist the help of Fallon Henley who intervenes by distracting the referee, allowing Jensen to pass a blunt object to Briggs who does not hesitate to use it before landing a running clothesline.

Result: Josh Briggs pinch win. Grimes had the early advantage before Waller got some big moves in and took out Solo with the help of Sanga at ringside. Solo set up a ladder in the corner with Waller under it and tossed Hayes on top of the pile. Then, he topped it off with another ladder and then Santos Escobar and hit a massive splash on all of it.

Nxt Santos Escobar