NXT: Von Wagner suffered a defeat

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NXT: Von Wagner suffered a defeat

Let's now move on to the next match which is none other than the final of the Breakout Tournament. FINAL BT - SINGLES MATCH: Roxanne Perez vs Tiffany Stratton; The two give us a pleasant match with Perez who tries in every way to repel the attacks of the more corpulent Stratton, managing to shoot her down with a flight over the third rope.

Roxanne tries a maneuver in the center of the ring which, however, fails due to an arm injury that makes her movement very difficult. Tiffany tries to take advantage of it with a crucifix pin to which she only follows a 2 count.

Not happy, Stratton tries a moonsault from the top of the pole which Perez quickly avoids and then scores the Pop Rox, which is followed by the final pin. Result: Roxanne Perez wins by pinch, who then wins the tournament and gets a contract with which she will be able to challenge the NXT Women 's Champion who is currently Mandy Rose.

Post-match the Toxic Attraction make their triumphal entry with the champion who, turning to Roxanne, informs her that regardless of the contract she has just obtained, there is not the slightest possibility that she can take away her belt and that she will therefore be doomed to fail like hers.

friend Cora Jade who in the meantime showed up in the ring to celebrate. NXT Superstar Von Wagner suffered a defeat on the latest edition of WWE's developmental show.

Von Wagner suffered a defeat on NXT

It will be interesting to see how Von Wagner and Mr.

Stone respond to this loss and if they'll get their revenge on Briggs and Jensen. Among the five then a fight takes place that the Toxic, thanks to the numerical superiority, seems to be able to dominate. To the rescue of Cora and Roxanne, however, comes Indi Hartwell who manages to restore order.

Let's move on to the next match which becomes in effect a handicap match due to an attack suffered by poor Bodhi Hayward by Pretty Deadly. HANDICAP MATCH: Andre Chase vs Pretty Deadly; Chase launches into the attack surprising the former NXT Tag Champions.

The numerical superiority is soon felt with the Pretty Deadly who manage to take control of the contest. Bodhi struggles to reach the ring but is stopped by Thea Hail who suddenly decides to join Chase in the ring with the intention of relieving him.

The Pretty Deadly are quite surprised but after an initial moment of bewilderment, they return to focus on poor Chase by knocking him out with the spinebuster / running clothesline combo. Result: Pretty Deadly's pinfall win.