NXT: Solo Sikoa proved to be dominant

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NXT: Solo Sikoa proved to be dominant

Now it's time for an all-female match. SINGLES MATCH: Alba Fyre vs Tatum Paxley; The match does not have much to say and sees the Fyre being able to dominate for a good part of the match. Paxley tries them all to keep up with the opposition but the Fyre is really a tough nut to crack.

After a brief moment of bewilderment, Alba begins to ring a series of shots followed by the Fyre Bomb and the senton bomb which she follows the final pin. Result: Alba Fyre pinfall victory. Post-match Alba is attacked by Lash Legend.

We are now catapulted backstage where the new NXT Tag Team Champions Creed Brothers are praised by Roderick Strong. The champions are then joined by Enofè and Blake who are granted a titled match. Strong does not appreciate this and begins yet another lecture against the couple champions.

We are now offered a short promo with which we are made aware of the identity of Giovanni Vinci who is none other than the now ex-Imperium Fabian Aichner. We have reached the moment of the last match of the evening. TAG MATCH: Solo Sikoa & Crews vs Hayes & Waller.

We see Solo Sikoa intent on keeping Waller busy before giving the change to Apollo who is however shot down by Hayes who in the meantime had taken over.

Solo Sikoa dominated

Waller and Hayes manage to work excellently as a couple, putting poor Crews in serious difficulty, who is forced to come out of a couple of pinfall attempts.

Hayes scores a kick to the face before going face to face with Sikoa and then returns to the attack of Apollo who barely manages to free himself with an enziguri kick before releasing Solo Sikoa. Meanwhile, Hayes takes over from Waller who, once inside, is sent to the corner by Sikoa who then hits him with her hip attack.

Apollo takes back the gear and then tries his hand at a flight over the third rope with which he lands on his opponents outside the ring. Back on the ropes, we see Crews again intent on attacking Waller with a series of German Suplexes which he then also trims at Hayes with the audience cheering at Suplex City.

Apollo is on fire and engages in a standing moonsault which he tries to pin on Waller who, however, struggles to the count of 2. The battle continues with Sikoa sending Hayes out of the ring while Waller tries the stunner on Apollo who blocks him in midair and then lands the powerbomb. Result: Apollo Crews and Solo Sikoa pinfall victory.