Former NXT star breaks silence

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Former NXT star breaks silence

During the morning we reported how there was a new release in that of NXT, which however has nothing to do with the various budget cuts, with the young Troy "Two Dimes" Donovan, who was released to be failed to a rule of the WWE and its policy, with the boy who was part of the "family" of Tony D'Angelo, who thus took the way out.

The well-known journalist Dave Meltzer claimed in one of his latest newsletters that Tony D'angelo's young henchman, companion of the Italian-American NXT's family, close to Stacks Lorenzo, would be released for unspecified problems at NXT.

In fact, Meltzer's precise words were: "This was not a budget cut or a creative decision, but a problem with company policy and he was told that within a year he could be hired." We continue to report, however, that it is not clear what mistake the boy has run into, and the company has not released any press release on the matter.

Big changes in NXT

After being torpedoed at least momentarily by the McMahon-owned company, the former NXT athlete wanted to apologize for his behavior personally, writing the following words on his Twitter account: "Thanks to everyone for those who showed up.

Mistakes happen and lessons are learned. An obstacle in the way does not define the path, however. I'll be back." With a great promise, the young NXT conscript confirmed to her few fans how she will return to show up in the rings of the number one company in the world, which now wanted to test him, punishing and firing him and hoping that the same mistake doesn't happen again, as it did years ago when Daniel Bryan was fired for dangerous behavior towards Justin Roberts during the Nexus debut segment on the WWE main roster only to be recapitulated a few months later.

While in NXT, Dominik Dijakovic showed that he was one of the most talented big men in wrestling. His matches with the likes of Keith Lee were incredible, and he became a massive star. Unfortunately, his main roster tenure has been underwhelming, to say the least.

Renamed T-Bar and given a mask, the 35-year-old has not come close to replicating the success he had on the developmental brand. Truth be told, Vega's main roster career has been moderately successful. Last year, the 31-year-old won the very first Queen's Crown Tournament as well as the Women's Tag Team Championships.

With that being said, her successes have been all too brief. She has often been treated as an afterthought on the main roster, even during her time as a champion.