NXT: The Dyad made their official in-ring debut

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NXT: The Dyad made their official in-ring debut

SINGLES MATCH: Fallon Henley vs Tiffany Stratton; Tiffany faces the match with her usual snooty attitude, forcing Fallon to respond accordingly, putting her in serious trouble. Stratton then decides to make use of improper maneuvers by imprisoning the opponent with the cloth that adorns the ring before bringing her back between the ropes and hitting her with an over-the-rope senton bomb but only getting a 2 count.

The fight continues with Fallon scoring a facebuster followed by a series of clotheslines before being knocked down by a knee to the stomach and a double foot stomp before still only getting a two count. Tiffany now scores a Samoan drop before being interrupted by the arrival of Wendy Choo who distracts her by throwing confetti at her, thus allowing Fallon to take advantage of it by scoring a small package that gives her the definitive pin.

Result: Fallon Henley pinfall victory. We are now offered a short spot with which NXT Champion Bron Breakker agrees for a titled match with Duke Hudson. But let's go back to the ropes with the third match of the evening. The eerie hooded figures have been by Joe Gacy's side every Tuesday night for a number of weeks now.

The Dyad finally made their official in-ring debuts this week, picking up a win against Javier Bernal & Dante Chen. Joe Gacy's loyal followers took on Dante Chen, and newcomer Javier Bernal and one of the robed fellows were being isolated early in the match.

The Dyad finally made their official in-ring debut

The Dyad do not have names or any other way to tell one apart from the other as the match went on. SINGLES MATCH: Wes Lee vs Xyon Quinn; We see Xyon take full advantage of his physical power by putting his opponent in serious difficulty.

Wes really tries them all without getting the desired result. Xyon continues the martyrdom by throwing his opponent across the ring like a sack of potatoes. Not happy Quinn tries to score a shoulder block which is however promptly dodged by Lee who in response scores a reverse kick followed by a dive screwed from the top of the pole followed by the count of 3.

Result: Wes Lee's pinfall victory. The other hooded man came in off the tag and took the fight to Dante Chen before tagging in his partner as they turned things around on Chen, isolating him in the ring. Bernal tagged in and got a leg sweep before being tossed off the ropes.