NXT: Troy Donovan made a shocking appearance

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NXT: Troy Donovan made a shocking appearance

Let's now pass to the next match that marks the debut in the ring of the druids who lately accompany the path of Joe Gacy; TAG MATCH: The Dyad vs Bernal & Chen; Despite the desperate attempts of Chen and Bernal, the druids seem not to suffer any blows even managing to land their final maneuver which is very reminiscent of that of the GYVs thus obtaining the victory.

Result: pinfall victory for The Dyad. Post-match we are offered a sermon by Gacy who continues his crusade for equality and to do so he will make use of The Dyad who are continuing to grow day by day under the banner of his "message"

Troy Donovan was released from his WWE contract earlier in the week. He was reportedly let go due to a rule violation behind the scenes.

Troy Donovan appeared on this week's episode

Tony D'Angelo was out next with Troy Donovan and Stacks, as well as the Legado del Fantasma.

Tony gave gifts to Two Dimes and Stacks while for the others, he had words of wisdom. He then claimed that as the Don, he deserved a shot at the title without mentioning which one he wants to go after. We are now being offered a commercial held by Tony D'Angelo that praises the work of his henchmen so much that he "promotes" them by giving them money and a Rolex.

Turning to Escobar, Tony is keen to point out that the only thing he has to do is be loyal to his family. He goes on to say that now he also wants a title and in response, Carmelo Hayes shows up in the ring. After a heated verbal confrontation, Tony officially declares that Carmelo and his title are now "his business" and decides to challenge the champion next week in a titled match.

For this evening, Hayes and Williams accept the challenge of D'Angelo's henchmen. Let's now move on to the next match that sees the highest NXT laurel at stake. Despite having his contract terminated, the 22-year-old appeared on this week's episode.

He competed in a match teaming up with "Stacks," losing to Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. However, the highlight of the night was a man with a black hoodie and track pants walking up to the ring in a reflective mask that covered his face.

At first, fans thought that it was a Retribution member coming in hot. However, this was not the case. The masked man later took off his cover, and it was none other than Pat McAfee!