NXT: Bron Breakker received a new challenge

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NXT: Bron Breakker received a new challenge

NXT TITLE MATCH: Bron Breakker (c) vs Duke Hudson; Hudson does not even wait for his of the camp to attack the champion. Breakker in response as soon as the bell rings scores a german suplex followed by a spear and finally by the military powerslam.

The referee can only count to three. Result: Bron Breakker's pinfall victory confirms NXT Champion. Post-match the champion is joined by Cameron Grimes who without too many words tells him that he has achieved everything he has achieved thanks to "his father of him"

He then concludes by challenging him to a match titled Great American Bash. With The Great American Bash fast approaching, fans wondered who would step up and challenge Bron Breakker for the NXT Championship at the event.

Cameron Grimes challenged Bron Breakker

After the champion defeated Duke Hudson in one-on-one action, Cameron Grimes challenged Bron Breakker to a match.

The two sign the agreement with a handshake. The disagreements in the Diamond Mine house continue with Strong scolding first Ivy Nile and then the Creed Brothers for shaking hands with Enofé and Blade. We have therefore come to the long-awaited debut of the "new" NXT athlete.

SINGLES MATCH: Giovanni Vinci vs Guru Raaj; The late Fabian Aichner has lost his Imperium buddies but does not gift them in the ring as he makes his opponent literally what he wants. After a brief moment of groundwork, he begins teasing Guru with a series of taps.

Answer Guru hits him with a dropkick that practically does not scratch him in the least. Giovanni then hits the mark with a crossbody springboard followed by a series of chops at the stake. After a tremendous clothesline, Vinci takes down his opponent with a devastating powerbomb.

Result: Giovanni Vinci's pinfall victory. Speaking on the latest episode of his podcast, ‘The Wooooo Nation‘, Flair confessed that there is a long way for the young wrestler to go, but he is showing signs of becoming a one-of-a-kind wrestler.

“If I was Vince [McMahon] I’d be really hands-on with him because he could be a big star,” said Flair. Breakker is the son of legendary tag team expert Rick Steiner, who was notoriously known for his hard-hitting jabs inside the ring.

Living up to the expectations of his father, Flair believes in the young wrestler. Eventually, the WWE Hall of Famer also confessed that Breakker will make it to the big stage, just like his father.