NXT: Roxanne Perez continues her momentum

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NXT: Roxanne Perez continues her momentum
NXT: Roxanne Perez continues her momentum

MAIN EVENT-6 TAG MATCH: Toxic Attraction vs Hartwell, Jade & Roxanne Perez; We are offered a nice match with Jade who shows great improvements by managing to keep up with both Jayne and Rose before taking over from Hartwell.

Jade is called up again to take on the NXT champion and easily copes with her before being interrupted by Dolin and Jayne who allow Rose to land a spinebuster and only get a two count. The clash continues with Perez and Dolin as protagonists with the former doing literally what she wants, even going close to the pin.

After winning the Women's Breakout Tournament last week, it was only fitting that Roxanne Perez picked up another victory the following episode to continue her momentum.

Roxanne Perez picked up another victory

Toxic Attraction called for a timeout before all six women kicked off a brawl in the ring.

After a break on NXT, Roxanne Perez was in trouble in the ring as she and Jayne traded rollups, but the rookie was hit with a senton and went down. We are witnessing a decidedly confusing moment with Hartwell managing to restore order while Perez and Jade work as a team on poor Dolin who is forced to undergo a senton bomb by Jade which apparently is not in the best of ways.

ways given that Dolin seems to have suffered a serious injury, thus forcing Perez to make the pin without performing any maneuvers. Result: victory by pinfall of Indi Hartwell, Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez. Many NXT stars are vying for a spot on the main roster.

New talents at the performance center are getting ready to make their debut and are working towards the same. NXT 2.0 has recently introduced new superstars to the company and a new era is coming where NXT will have content similar to ‘the attitude era.’ The reason behind this change in NXT and Vince McMahon pushing younger talent is due to the state of the main roster. McMahon knows there are many top stars in the main roster who are above 40 and won’t be at the top for very long.

Nxt Roxanne Perez

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