Jordan Devlin returns with a new character

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Jordan Devlin returns with a new character

In the latest episode of NXT 2.0, a new cartoon aired to announce that Jordan Devlin, former cruiserweight champion, is returning to the United States, but with a new name and a new identity. In a voiceover, the star said winds of change are blowing, and that he left his home in Dublin for a very good reason before a caption revealed that his name is now JD McDonagh.

"Do you feel it? This is the wind of change. I think the winds of change are blowing around NXT 2.0. If I have to leave my home, my penthouse overlooking my city, Dublin, you know it's for a damn good reason. You'll find out why pretty soon.

Everyone at NXT 2.0 will find that you never bet against an ace," Devlin said.

New details on Jordan Devlin

NXT UK Superstar Jordan Devlin seems set to leave the UK developmental brand after his recent loss to Ilja Dragunov.

Devlin had won the NXT Cruiserweight Championship in January 2020 and sadly shortly thereafter, with the outbreak of the pandemic, he was stuck in the UK, unable to defend the belt anymore and so Santos Escobar was named interim champion after having won a tournament.

Eventually the Irishman returned to NXT in March 2021 fighting in an excellent Ladder Match against the leader of the Legado Del Fantasma at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver to determine who should keep the belt. As we all know in the end, it was Santos Escobar who won and since then Devlin never showed up again at NXT, but continued his journey at NXT UK.

Once back in his land he gave the audience some great matches, wrestling his latest contest in the UK against Ilja Dragunov in a Loser Leaves NXT UK Match and obviously lost by being forced to leave the show. Probably for him there had already been plans for some time to return to the United States as soon as the waters had calmed down regarding COVID, which actually happened, making it possible to move the various athletes, who are now doing quite a lot of back and forth between NXT and NXT UK.

With his fate in NXT UK settled, the question now is what comes next for The Irish Ace? Devlin looks to remain with WWE for the time being, meaning he will likely make the jump to NXT 2.0 in America. If this happens, he would be following other UK talents like A-Kidd, Nathan Frazer, and NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly, who recently debuted on the Tuesday night show.