NXT: Diamond Mine showed great courage

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NXT: Diamond Mine showed great courage
NXT: Diamond Mine showed great courage (Provided by Wrestling World)

Now is the time for the couple category. TAG MATCH: Strong & Kemp vs Del Toro & Wilde; We see a Kemp loaded with buckshot who makes his opponents what he wants, even throwing Wilde on Cruz with a belly to belly over head suplex.

The clash continues with the entry of Strong who allows the Legado Del Fantasma to take back the reins of the match. Things get tough again for Wilde and Del Toro when Kemp decides to come back to Strong's rescue by hitting Wilde with a devastating clothesline.

The dispute now involves Cruz and Strong with the latter who is in serious trouble and is forced to undergo an unsuccessful pinfall attempt. Strong manages to recover and to score an Olympic slam followed by only a 2 count.

Cruz then tries to throw Strong against the ropes but this manages to reverse the maneuver. Cruz is then tripped with a crowbar by one of Tony D'Angelo's henchmen allowing Strong to score an elevated knee which is followed by the final pin.

Fans of Diamond Mine got to see something new this week as Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp teamed up for a match. The two superstars took on Legado del Fantasma.

Diamond Mine has been doing well on NXT

Diamond Mine has been doing well on the NXT brand.

The creative team will look to book more engaging storylines around the faction. Result: Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp pinned win. We are now offered an interview by Giovanni Vinci who is interrupted by Ikamen Jiro who confronts him on the question of style saying that he obviously has no idea what he actually is by proudly showing one of his horrifying suits with his big face reproduced an immeasurable number of times.

In response Giovanni gives us a pearl in perfect Italian, "But what is this idiot saying, is he serious?" We are now witnessing a full-fledged Toxic Attraction promo that first belittles Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez and then declares herself the best by suggesting to Roxanne to go home.

Jade and Perez then make their entrance. Perez in the grip of total madness, there is no other explanation, declares that becoming NXT Champion is important for her and one day it will become so but that now it is more important to become a NXT Tag Team Champion so she decides to cash in on her contract obtained by winning the Breakout Tournament to challenge Gigi Dollin and Jacy Jade.

Interrupting this moment of total madness, Katana Chance and Kayden Carter arrive who declare that the female tag team titles are their business. Jade replies that now that she and Roxanne have made the decision to challenge the champions, Kayden and Katana can safely leave.

It all ends with a brawl between the four with the loud laughter of the Toxic Attraction in the background.

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