NXT: Tony D'Angelo was shockingly mocked

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NXT: Tony D'Angelo was shockingly mocked

We are offered a commercial starring Nikkita Lyons who tells us that next week she will return to NXT. Let's now move on to the next match. SINGLES MATCH: Von Wagner vs Brooks Jensen; Wagner dominates the match also taking advantage of the injury his opponent has been carrying around for a few weeks.

Jensen is unable to fend off Von's attacks as the pain in his hand is too severe. Von tries to wear him out with a couple of breathtaking maneuvers and then immediately returns to work meticulously on the injured limb. Jensen has a flash of reaction managing to take down Von with an outstretched arm followed by a ddt jumping from the third rope.

Brooks seems to be in full control but Von just takes nothing to regain control of the contest and to bring home the result after scoring the Death Valley Driver. Result: Von Wagner pinfall victory. Now it's time for an all-female match again.

SINGLES MATCH: Alba Fyre vs Lash Legend; We see a decidedly charged Alba putting the Legend in serious difficulty, which tries them all in any case to repel the attacks. Among the various attempts we include the attempt to choke using the ropes of the ring.

In response, the Fyre hits the mark with a DDT tornado which she follows, however, only a count of 2. The Legend responds with a side slam. The main event of NXT saw Tony D'Angelo challenge Carmelo Hayes for the North American Championship.

The Family and Legado del Fantasma accompanied Tony out for his big match against Hayes.

Carmelo Hayes challenged Tony D'Angelo

MAIN EVENT-NORTH AMERICAN TITLE MATCH: Hayes (c) vs Tony D'Angelo; It goes without saying that we are witnessing an excellent match with the two who try all as well to bring home the contest without giving way to their respective opponents.

Hayes is literally surrounded by D'Angelo's henchmen who manages to take advantage of a moment of distraction to throw him against the steps. Back on the ropes, the A champion takes over the contest and after a diving crossbody, he engages in a takedoen hurricane followed by only a 2 count.

Hayes is loaded with buckshot but Tony still has a few tricks up his sleeve and after a suplex exploder he tries the pin that does not go beyond the count of 2. D'Angelo begins his usual trash talk interspersed with a considerable series of slaps.

He then attempts an avalanche attack avoided by Carmelo who then manages to score a codebreaker followed by only a 2 count. The battle continues with Tony who manages to throw his opponent over his head. With difficulty Tony approaches the ropes where he finds Santos Escobar who asks him several times if he wanted the brass knuckles.

At the affirmative answer of his "boss", Santos throws the brass knuckles making it "involuntarily" end up in the hands of Carmelo Hayes, sending Tony into a rage.