NXT: Roderick Strong disappointed everyone

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NXT: Roderick Strong disappointed everyone
NXT: Roderick Strong disappointed everyone

The new NXT UK champions. For the uninitiated Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen flew to NXT UK taking the tag team titles to the United States and so here we are, with those patriotic Americans singing "USA USA USA". After a brief introduction, the two embrace because they are grateful to have joined this tag team, while the audience sings, “You deserve it”.

Pretty Deadly arrive and interrupt what would have become a party a la Stone Cold Steve Austin with beer, and insult them by telling them they don't deserve those titles, before challenging them to get them back and after some further provocation, the fight won by the NXT UK champions starts.

Roderick Strong & The Creed Brothers took on Joe Gacy and The Dyad on this week’s WWE NXT. The two teams were looking to make a statement on the show.

Roderick Strong took control of the match

Julius finally got the h*t tag and took out the three men with some big blows.

He was setting up for his finisher, but Roderick Strong forced a tag. The Diamond Mine got into an argument, allowing The Dyad to hit a double-team move on Strong for the win. In the locker room, Katana and Kayden are talking to each other angry about losing the match while Tatum Paxley looks at them more than they should, they tell her to mind her own business and she replies that just because they are angry about the defeat they shouldn't blame her.

Indi Hartwell vs Kiana James. It's nice to see Kiana James who lately still fights her matches well, since at the beginning she was a bit of a jobber, in fact even in this match she responds quite well to Indi's shots avoiding even the Pretty Savage, managing to win incorrectly resting your feet on the ropes during a pin.

Is there an air of change for the former Miss Lumis? Finally this week, Kushida got his match with Roderick Strong. However, it seemed to be a 5-on-1 match rather than a 1-on-1 match as there were numerous distractions by the members of The Diamond Mine.

This match was for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. As the match progressed, Kushida got the Hoverboard Lock locked in on Strong. It seemed like the ‘Time Splitter’ will retain the title, but Malcolm Bivens somehow managed to put Strong’s foot on the ropes to break the hold.

Nxt Roderick Strong

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