NXT: Nikkita Lyons raised the challenge

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NXT: Nikkita Lyons raised the challenge

We see a video of Tony D'Angelo and Stacks being on a bridge and the Don is holding a pride and a jacket, which makes us understand that he threw someone in the water and that someone is Troy "Two Times" Donovan, who as you know by now, he was banned from the company for failing a drug test.

Tony is disappointed in him and after giving it out, he throws the watch in the water before receiving a call that teases him for not becoming a North American Champion and then he throws his cell phone in the water as well.

Wes Lee makes a promo against Trick Williams saying he didn't respect him as a man and challenges him to The Great American Bash. Mandy Rose was challenged to a match by Nikkita Lyons on WWE NXT. Toxic Attraction was ringside to help Rose out during the contest.

Mandy Rose was challenged by Nikkita Lyons

Nikkita Lyons used her strength to fight out of Rose’s offense and threw her into the turnbuckles. She followed it up with a big splash to put the NXT Women’s Champion on the backfoot.

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne dragged Rose outside the ring to protect her. Diamond Mine vs Joey Gacy & Dyad With the audience all clearly on their side, the Creed Brothers put their opponents in trouble that I don't know how they fight with all that stuff on, I'm sweating just looking at them.

At the end with a motivational speech from their leader, the Dyads recover somewhat by responding to attacks. At one point there is an attack with six men all in the ring, but the Diamond Mine wins. On the way back from the break, however, it is the other team that has a good advantage which they carry on for some time.

Towards the end, Roderick Strong takes over by interrupting the energetic moment of one of the Creed Brothers and the Diamond Mine starts fighting heavily until the stable leader gets too distracted and the Dyads pin him with the brothers who stay on the apron.

and look at him and shake their heads in disappointment at his behavior. WWE occasionally shows segments where male and female superstars are making out or normally kissing. But many fans particularly ranked this segment as a memory of the attitude era.

Back in the late 90s, WWE grew at an incredibly fast rate and one reason behind that was because some parts of the weekly shows were edgier content like this.