NXT: Indi Hartwell suffered a bad defeat

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NXT: Indi Hartwell suffered a bad defeat

McKenzie again intercepts Carmelo and Trick who think she's there to talk about Wes Lee's challenge, but she wants to ask the North American Champion what she thinks about taking Waller next week for the title. He is confused, but she explains that they both signed the contract, revealing what was behind that random autograph session earlier.

Carmelo says he will remain the champion at The Great American Bash anyway. A doctor is trying to talk to Alba Fyre to give an update on her health after what happened last week, but Lash Legend dodges him and says that after the brutal beating she carried out last week, the Scotswoman is out of the game indefinitely, telling the rest of NXT's women's division to stay away from her.

Meanwhile, James started off strong but Indi Hartwell took over with an arm drag. Indi sent James outside but the latter dragged her down and dropped her on the ropes. James got some big kicks before Kiana countered off a fireman's carry.

Kiana James def. Indi Hartwell

James took a forearm from the apron before we headed back to the ring. Indi Hartwell missed an elbow drop off the ropes before James rolled her up with her foot on the ropes and picked up the win.

Meanwhile, the Diamond Mine also argues backstage about the brothers not listening to their leader and Strong gets so angry that he challenges them along with Kemp next week for the NXT Tag Team Championships. The match is official!

Xyon Quinn vs Sanga. Before the match begins, Xyon attacks Sanga from behind as she enters and then the contest is officially brought into the ring. Quinn tries to embarrass the giant as much as he can, but he works with power by weakening him more and more with decisive blows and in the end his back without too many problems.

While Belair has moved on in her rivalry with Bayley, Banks is still out. However, a new opponent from WWE has come up to challenge Banks. The WSW Women’s Champion and one-half of the WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, Indi Hartwell, recently expressed her wish to become Banks’ new opponent.

She answered a Twitter question to volunteer for it. ‘The Boss‘ is yet to comment on the situation. However, Banks disappeared from the title scene as her former best friend Bayley challenged Bianca and lost to her at WrestleMania Backlash.